Fujifilm X-T20
Fujinon XF16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR Lens
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Stara Plynarna Restaurant & Hotel (Historický Objekt Bývalé Plynárny)

Surrounded by rich autumn colors, this dreary restaurant and hotel evokes an ominous sense of mystery. It's even rumored that there's a ghost who haunts the grounds whenever there's a full moon. The building was originally built for the production of acetylene gas, but its hand-carved sandstone blocks and shingled roof now serve as a place where visitors can dine and stay the night — if they dare!



Skill level

Public Location






  • Wide-angle lens (16mm)

How to get there

N50° 52' 25.3776"E14° 14' 38.1048"
This image was taken along the stairs above the Stara Plynarna restaurant and hotel near the border of Germany and the Czech Republic in Hřensko. If you're coming from Germany, drive south along highway 62 into the town of Hřensko. You won't have to pass through a border check point, but I still recommend traveling with your passport in case you're stopped. There's a parking lot called Parkoviště Soutěsky (50.874359, 14.243721) where you can park your car, but please be aware that you'll have to pay a fee for parking. If you'd like to avoid the fee and park for free, you can park in a lot that's just north of Stara Plynarna (50.873895, 14.243554). Even though it's a smaller lot, you should still be able to find a spot. After you park, head south toward the stairs and then reference the GPS to get to the exact spot where I stood to take the photo. I stood on the right side of the top of the stairs, looking down, to get this perspective. Address: Stara Plynaran Restaurat & Hotel, Hřensko 119, 407 17 Hřensko, Czechia


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