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Särkitunturi Peak view of Pallastunturi

Silent and beautiful. This is how I'd describe this spot in Särkitunturi, which offers the Finnish National view of Pallastunturi—a group of seven fells. Visit and capture fantastic winter photos that look straight from a postcard.



Skill level

Public Location






  • Telephoto lens (133mm)
  • Model
  • Snowshoes
  • Hiking sticks
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hand and feet warmers
  • Flashlight or headlamp

How to get there

N67° 52' 15.96"E23° 57' 18.0"
This photo was taken in Särkitunturi. To get there, you first need to get to the beginning of the Särkitunturi Trailhead which is located on Rovaniementie Road (Road 79). You can easily find free parking spots and there's no limit on how long can park your car there. Once you're there cross the road and look for the sign that tells you how to get to the top of Särkitunturi. There are quite a lot of signs in the beginning but after a while, you won't see as many of them. Just keep in mind that that as long as you're going up, you're going in the right direction. Depending on your speed, you'll reach the top within 1.5 hours. We didn't use snowshoes since at the time. But you might need them, and if you do, reserve some extra time. If you want to take a photo at sunrise as I did, you might have to start your hike while it's still dark. In this case, consider bringing a flashlight or a headlamp so that you'll see the path clearly. This route is the same one you'd take during summer. During summer there is a wide path made of gravel and this has been cleared of trees. Just follow the wide trail and you'll be good!


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