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Honolua Bay Access Trail Moss-Covered Forest

Every time I visit Maui, I find myself going back to this spot. Right off the side of the road, you emerge into a jungle of vine and moss-covered trees, with varying shades of green in every direction. It truly feels like I'm in my own "Jungle Book" and I can never seem to get enough pictures here. Most people breeze right past this location and head to the beach, so make sure to head into the trail to capture the untouched magic of this impressive forest.



Skill level

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  • Wide-angle lens (24mm)
  • Bug spray
  • Model

How to get there

N21° 00' 46.2996"W156° 38' 12.4008"
This image was taken on the Honoula Bay Access Trail moss-covered forest. Honolua Bay is about a 20-minute drive north of Lahaina. From Lahaina, take Highway 30, just north past Kapalua to mile marker 32. After you pass Honolua Place, look for the street parking in either of the two parking lots near the trail (21.011969, -156.636933 or 21.013582, -156.634430). If there's a lot of surfers and snorkelers it may be hard to find a spot. From each parking lot, you'll see a well-marked path to Honolua Bay Beach. When you enter the trail to the beach, take a right into the forest — making sure to follow the signs for the Honolua Bay Access Trail. I took this photo is on the path that cuts directly across the forest to the other side of the bay where there'll be another trail that goes to the beach. Reference the GPS coordinates to see exactly where I stood.


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