Hasselblad H6D
Hasselblad HC 80mm f/2.8 Lens
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Hancock Building & Chicago Skyline from Ambassador House Condominium

This rooftop gives you enough height to see over the foreground buildings and it also provides a perspective that emphasizes how massive the Hancock building truly is.



Skill level



Anytime (late April-early November)




  • Zoom lens (80mm)
  • Tripod

How to get there

N41° 54' 23.6815"W87° 37' 42.3084"
This image of the Chicago skyline and Hancock Building was taken from the Ambassador House Condominiums. If you don't know anyone in the building, you're going to have to blend in. I wouldn't run in here with a group or be acting out of pocket either. Once you're in, the elevators will be on your right, just before the front desk. The desk is straight ahead from the entrance and they'll most likely ask you to check in if they don't recognize you. After getting past the front desk, take the elevators to the 24th Floor - Rooftop. The roof is cut up into two sections, as they occasionally close off the pool. You're going to want to be standing on the south east portion of the roof to capture this image. There is a waist high ledge with piping on top so you're tripod will most likely be at max height. There's not much to shoot west of here so focus on just capturing the cityscape that's south of you. By public transportation: - Closest station: Clark/Division (via Red Line) - Head north on N Clark St toward N Sandburg Terrace - Turn right onto W Goethe St - Turn left onto N State Pkwy Address: Ambassador House Condominium, 1325 N State Pkwy # 1, Chicago, IL 60610


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