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Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Staircase Look Down

This often-photographed spiral staircase is a work of art in itself — slightly underwhelming from the floor level, the almond-shaped construction leads the eye up through multiple galleries to a skylight window above. Once at the top looking down, the dizzying and spectacular nature of the stairs becomes clear. The Black Impala granite steps spiral endlessly, pierced through the center by a mesmerizing ocean-green crochet knit sculpture by contemporary artist Ernesto Neto.



Skill level

Public Location


10:30am - 5:00pm


Admission varies. Suggested admission is $15 for adults, $8 for students, teachers, and seniors. Admission is free for youth 18 and under and those with disabilities. Illinois residents are free on Tuesdays.


  • Wide-angle lens (14mm)

How to get there

N41° 52' 46.605"W87° 37' 26.2805"
This photo of a spiral staircase was taken at the north end of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. To get here, enter the museum at the northwest corner entrance on N Pearson St. The staircase will immediately be visible on your left. Walk up the stairs and look down to get this perspective. Metro directions: - Closest station: Chicago (Red Line) - Head east on E Chicago Ave toward N Wabash Ave - Turn left onto N Mies Van Der Rohe Way - The museum will be on your right Address: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL


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