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Secret Beach Cove, Waterfall & Mountains

A rugged piece of Pacific Northwest paradise, this beach cove not only has white waves crashing against the massive boulders and pine-covered terrain overlooking the sea, it also has a secret waterfall that runs from the mountains down to the beaches shoreline, creating a magisterial scene from a bird's eye viewpoint. If you're in the area, you don't want to miss visiting here! (before flying a drone, check and follow local drone regulations and permit requirements)



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N42° 11' 46.6008"W124° 22' 21.7992"
This drone image of the mountains, beach and waterfall was taken in an inlet cove on Secret Beach. This view is not accessible by foot, so if you want to capture a similar perspective, you'll have to shoot this image with a drone. You can find this seaside gem near the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor, but Secret Beach isn’t easy to find. It’s tucked on the northern-most end of the corridor where the Oregon Coast Trail squeezes between the road and a popular overlook called Thunder Rock Cove. To find the location where you can launch the drone, hike about a third of a mile north from Oregon Coast Highway until you encounter Miner Creek (42.195091, -124.372100). There, you'll find a trail that leads down to a pocket beach. The hike down to the coast of Miner's Creek is steep, but short. From there, you can launch your drone — send it southwest (but have your lens facing north) until the cove with a waterfall comes into view (GPS: 42.196310, -124.372761).


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