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Lower Panther Creek Falls

Located just a stone's throw from the famous Columbia River Gorge, this grand waterfall remains a hidden gem, seeing only a fraction of the foot traffic that many other falls in the area experience. Its enormous size and unique, complex structure make it a stunning stop in your journey — you won't want to miss it!



Skill level

Public Location


Dawn to dusk




  • Normal lens (50mm)
  • Tripod
  • ND filter (optional)
  • Model
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Good hiking boots
  • Bug spray
  • Water

How to get there

N45° 52' 00.5484"W121° 49' 44.2488"
This photo of Panther Creek Falls was taken from the base of the lower waterfall. Before embarking on the journey to this location, please be aware that this spot is recommend only for experienced hikers. After parking at the Panther Creek Falls Parking (45.867386, -121.826371), cross the road and enter the Panther Creek Falls Trailhead. The trail drops down from the road, winding amid large trees for 500 feet to a viewing platform that offers spectacular views of the upper falls. In order to reach the exact spot where I took my photo, you'll need to continue from the viewing platform to the lower falls. To do so, you must first scramble down from the left of the viewing platform to the base of the upper falls. Please be careful, and don't take any shortcuts: although there may be ropes to aid you, you will need to scale down a slippery and brush-covered 15-foot vertical rock wall. It's an extremely challenging descent, so, again, I recommend this only for experienced hikers. Continue along the trail for another 200 feet downriver by scaling down the left side of the waterfall, using the hillside to reach the lower falls. This path is also incredibly steep, so please be careful and watch your footing. Driving directions to Panther Creek Falls: - Take Wind River Hwy for 5.8 miles north of Carson to Old State Rd and turn east - Almost immediately turn left onto Panther Creek Rd - Drive along Panther Creek Rd for 7.4 miles to a large gravel pit on the right side of the road and park


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