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Happy Thanksgiving!
By The Team @ Explorest

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the team at Explorest, we wish you a great holiday!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to look back and reflect with gratitude on our community of content creators and travelers around the world who have shaped Explorest into the incredible app that its become. Today and every day, we're so grateful for our community.

When Explorest was first conceptualized by its founders, the intention was to create a product that eliminated the pain points of figuring out where to take photos, as well as to inspire people to get out and explore their surroundings—near and far. As a professional photographer, Michael Lax understood the struggle of finding unique photo locations and thus, Explorest was born.

Over the years, Explorest has expanded, taking users in over 158 countries on a virtual journey across the globe. You can scroll through our feed of thousands of curated images and discover the best places to take photos. Everywhere from New York and Los Angeles to Singapore and Hong Kong, we provide expert tips to Insta-worthy hotspots so you can have direct access to coveted destinations.

And all of this wouldn't be possible without YOU! The users, and those who contribute their work on the app, have allowed us to bring our original vision to life. Each day, we wake up excited to hear from someone who used Explorest to enrich their travels. From those who use the app to enhance their portfolios to those who are looking for a more adventurous (and stress-free) vacation, we take pride in helping people create lasting memories through the art of photography. We feel incredibly lucky to encourage people to explore the beautiful world we live in, but without you, the Explorest app wouldn’t be the same.

From the entire team at Explorest: THANK YOU for being a part of this journey! The last few years have been turbulent for the travel industry and your loyalty to the app has kept us going. We are inexplicably thankful to those who have stuck by us from the beginning, and to those who have recently joined the app to be an everlasting part of the Explorest family. We have so much in store for 2022 and we hope that you'll continue to be energized by the content we create on the app.

Happy Thanksgiving, Explorests! Thank you for everything!