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Samyang 14mm f/2.8 Lens (Canon)
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Peter-Behrens-Haus Behrensbau Hallway

This captivating hallway is a strong example of architect Peter Behren's Art Nouveau style. Built in 1910, this building was once the tallest structure in Berlin. And even though it's been surpassed by other buildings over time, it still stands proudly with dignity and impressive design.



Skill level

Public Location


Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM




  • Wide-angle lens (14mm)

How to get there

N52° 27' 22.7844"E13° 31' 46.9164"
This image was taken from the first level (above ground level) of the Peter-Behrens-Haus Behrensbau near the center part of the building. From the main entrance, go up the central stairs as shown in the picture, then turn right and go through a door at the right backend of the building. There, you'll find an elevator that you can hop on or just take the stairs one level up. From the next level up, you'll be able to reach the position where the shot was taken. Note: Monday-Friday you can use the main entrance at Wilhelminenstrasse. On Saturdays, you have to use the side entrance. Do not cross the Ostendstrasse, and instead turn left into the side street. Walk along the wall until you see the entrance on the right hand side. Give the doorman a smile, then walk through the courtyard of the premises (very interesting as well) until you reach the back entrance of the Behrensbau. By public transportation: - Closest station: Ostendstr. Berline (via tram line 27, 60, 61, 67 or bus N67) - Exit and head West on Ostendstraße toward Slabystraße - Turn left onto Wilhelminenhofstraße and the destination will be on the left Address: Behrensbau, Wilhelminenhofstraße, 12459 Berlin, Germany


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