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Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens
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Willis Tower & the Chicago Skyline from Helicopter

Flying over Willis Tower is truly special — especially since it's one of the tallest (the 24th) buildings in the world. Capturing it at dusk is the best, as the city lights begin to turn on and the streets are aglow in a beautiful orange hue. Chicago was built on a grid, so at night, the layout truly reveals itself with the rows of beaming lights going as far as the eye can see.



Skill level

Public Location


Accessible anytime helicopter companies are doing tours. Reach out to Rotorzen, Vertiport, or CHE for takeoffs in the downtown area.


~$350 for a 20 min flight


  • Wide-angle lens (26mm)

How to get there

N41° 52' 39.9396"W87° 38' 13.3404"
This image was taken from a helicopter, overlooking the Willis Tower and Chicago skyline. Depending on which helicopter company you ride with, you'll be taking off at either Vertiport Chicago or Chicago Helicopter Experience (CHE) heliport. Both are easily accessible locations, but it's inconvenient to drive there so take a ride share if you can. The two companies are also not that far from each other or downtown Chicago. Once you're in the air, it'll be just a minute or so before you're lined up for your first shot of Willis Tower. Make sure to call ahead and give them your weights to help expedite the sign-in process.


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