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East Channel Ice Cavern at Grand Island National Recreation Area on Lake Superior Coast

Along a frozen channel of water, this ice cavern has beautiful frozen icicles emerging from a rock formation overhead. This location is for the adventurous, so make sure you're prepared for the extreme weather conditions!



Skill level

Public Location






  • Wide-angle lens (16mm)
  • Winter/weatherproof attire
  • Insulated thermos with water
  • A fishing sled to carry equipment/pack gear
  • Knee pads
  • Insulated boots (for standing on the ice all day)
  • Extra batteries for your camera (kept somewhere warm)
  • Emergency gear (such as rope, a change of clothes, a satellite rescue beacon, flotation equipment, ice cleats and snow shoes)
  • A buddy

How to get there

N46° 27' 39.4992"W86° 37' 04.1952"
This image is of an ice cavern at Grand National Recreation Area along a highly risky wilderness trek that is possible only if the ice on the East Channel of Lake Superior is frozen sufficiently to allow for foot traffic. You'll need to drive to this location, then walk along the frozen channel of water to get to where I took the photo. The ice curtains of Grand Island will be visible across the lake and are about a mile offshore. There will be no trail to get to Grand Island across the lake, and the National Park Service does not provide any services to those who choose to make the trek, in fact they actively discourage making the crossing. By Car: - Start out in downtown Munising - Travel East about 4 miles to the end of Sand Point Road in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - Take H-58 East, then turn left on Washington Street - Make a slight Left on Sand Point Road until it dead ends in a circular parking area - From the parking area, hike north a few feet to the edge of Lake Superior


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