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Eight Insta-Worthy Photo Spots in Detroit
By The Team @ Explorest

Eight Insta-Worthy Photo Spots in Detroit

Take the perfect picture in the Motor City.

Detroit has a reputation of being the heart of America's automobile industry—and while that's true, the largest city in Michigan also has a lively restaurant, sports and art scene that's gained in popularity. In addition to being the birthplace of the three biggest car companies in the U.S.—Ford, General Motors and Chrysler—Detroit is also the birthplace of Motown Records. Musical legends, such as The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross had their start with Motown Records and they helped the city earn its nickname, "Hitsville, U.S.A", for the overwhelming success the singers had in the industry.

Photographers flocked to the city to capture history in the making while these stars rose to fame, and today, Detroit is still one of the best places to take photos. You can find changing foliage along the waterfront of Lake Michigan or you can explore a more local side of the city and visit the Riverside Park Skatepark or Temple Bar. No matter where you find yourself wanting to snap a pic, the Explorest app can help you discover nearby locations in the Motor City that'll "wow" anyone scrolling through your Insta feed.

Below, we've compiled a list of the eight most Insta-worthy photo locations in Detroit. Take your photos to the next level and check them out! And after embarking on your Insta tour with this list, don't forget to download Explorest on Google Play or in the Apple Store to discover the world's best places to travel and take photos.

GM RenCen and People Mover

Our first Insta-worthy photo spot in Detroit is of the urban landscape and yellow People Mover car that transports locals and visitors around the city. In the frame, you can also capture the GM RenCen, which is the headquarters of America's largest automobile manufacturer, General Motors. The contrast of the muted colors of the architecture against the yellow transport car make this location one you can't ignore while scrolling through your feed. On the app, you'll be able to find the exact GPS coordinates of where @michaellaxphoto took this photo from atop a parking garage—a local's secret to getting a great shot!

One Detroit Center Garage view of GM RenCen and People Mover

credit: @michaellaxphoto — discover One Detroit Center Garage view of GM RenCen and People Mover on the Explorest app

Riverside Park Skatepark

Breathe some life into your Insta feed and embrace the local skateboard culture at Riverside Park Skatepark. If you're there for long enough, you'll be able to photograph multiple skaters as they ride, flip and do tricks across the concrete basin. Going to the Riverside Park Skatepark will also allow you to play around with different angles and learn how to anticipate capturing motion. The waterfront park can be photographed by both amateur and professional photographers, especially if you're looking to add exciting live-action images to your collection of social shots.

Riverside Park Skatepark view of Skater

credit: @camera_jesus — discover Riverside Park Skatepark view of Skater on the Explorest app

The Skybridge

One Woodward Avenue, designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, is one of Detroit's most celebrated mid-century modern structures. From this ground-level perspective, you can see the detail of the architecture and its skybridge suspended in the air, connecting two of the cities notable skyscrapers. When you visit this Insta-worthy spot, make sure you take a zoom lens so you can compress the photo and capture the specific characteristics of the skybridge.

One Woodward Avenue & the Skybridge from East Congress St

credit: @hayden__scott — discover One Woodward Avenue & the Skybridge from East Congress St on the Explorest app

Joe Louis Monument (The Fist)

Almost as if it looks like you're giving a fist bump to your Insta feed, the Joe Louis Monument packs a punch to any photo. This 8,000-pound, 24-foot-long sculpture honors the world-famous Detroit boxer, Joe Louis, and is widely considered a symbol of the grit and strength of the Motor City. When @michaellaxphoto took this epic shot, the darkening sky complemented the bronze and painted steel structure with the illuminated buildings in the background. Head to this spot at blue hour and you're guaranteed to take one of the best photos in Detroit.

Joe Louis Monument (The Fist)

credit: @michaellaxphoto — discover Joe Louis Monument (The Fist) on the Explorest app

One Detroit Center & GM Headquarters

High above the clouds will give you one of the most Insta-worthy perspectives of Detroit. The city tends to be the foggiest from October to April and having this element featured in your photo will help you upgrade your feed. As the landmark towers, One Detroit Center and GM Headquarters, emerge from the fog, the image evokes a mysterious and almost sinister vibe. Depending on how the fog looks on the day you shoot, you might be able to pick and choose which skyscrapers are in your frame—get creative and have fun while you visit this sky-high photo spot.

One Detroit Center & GM Headquarters

credit: @camera_jesus — discover One Detroit Center & GM Headquarters from TCF Center Parking Lot on the Explorest app

Temple Bar

Used as a setting for the Comedy Central show, "Detroiters", this old-school dive bar is a staple in the community. The bright rainbow windows on the exterior have added a cheery element to the otherwise gritty neighborhood for over 25 years. You can get acquainted with the locals by sipping on a beer inside or taking an Insta-worthy photo outside. If you're favoring the view of the bar's signage, we suggest photographing from across the street to fully frame the exterior and create a sense of symmetry in the shot.

Temple Bar Rainbow Exterior & Sign

credit: @hayden__scott — discover Temple Bar Rainbow Exterior & Sign on the Explorest app

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park is a natural piece of paradise in Detroit. The glass conservatory across from Lake Tacoma is framed by hanging trees and on a sunny day, the blue Midwest sky is reflected in the body of water. Having the reflection of the sky and conservatory in your photo will make your feed that much more interesting. Belle Isle Park is also appealing because it can be photographed by anyone—amateur or professional—and it requires little technical skill to get an Insta-worthy shot. All 982 acres of the island are photogenic and you can curate a month's worth of content from just one trip to the park.

Lake Tacoma view of Belle Isle Aquarium & Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

credit: @hayden__scott — discover Lake Tacoma view of Belle Isle Aquarium & Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on the Explorest app

The Guardian Building & Buhl Building

What makes this perspective so intriguing? In our opinion, there are two reasons: the contrasting colors of The Guardian Building and Buhl Building and the compressed frame in which the shot was taken. The different colors of the Art Deco architecture make you do a double-take and the unexpected clash of the buildings result in a one-of-a-kind photo. Because the photo was taken with only the two buildings in view (as opposed to any featured landscape), it offers an Insta-worthy viewpoint of the city that isn't as common to see on IG. Try shooting both vertically and horizontally to experiment with a variety of images. Then, choose which option you like best for your feed.

The Griswold-Larned Parking Garage's Rooftop view of The Guardian Building & Buhl Buidling

credit: @hayden__scott — discover The Griswold-Larned Parking Garage's Rooftop view of The Guardian Building & Buhl Building on the Explorest app

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