The Story Of Explorest

If you’re curious about why our two founders decided to start Explorest, here they give you the scoop.

Explore More and Leave No Trace

What a year it’s been for Explorest! Thousands of people are using the app to discover new places and adventure into the unknown; it’s been a dream come true for our team.

Eastern Sierra Weekend Photography Road Trip Guide

Chances are you’ve seen pictures from spots in the Eastern Sierra and had no idea those spots are in California. When someone says California, the mind tends to conjure images of endless beaches with palm trees, or maybe star-studded sidewalks and high-end shopping. I bet the HOLLYWOOD sign is in there somewhere too.


Travel Photography Gear Guide with Jessica Zollman

If you’re in search of a photography gear guide to travel, you’ve come to the right place! I never leave home without my camera. And I refuse to leave the country without researching all the best places to see, things to do, food to eat, and spots to photograph. I hope my personal travel gear guide can help you on your next photo trip.

Wheelock Place

Singapore Photography Locations: 10 Secret Locations Only A Local Will Know

Although Singapore is just a little red dot on the map, the island city-state is packed with both greenery and a sprawling cityscape. With just a little exploration, you’d be surprised how

Native Singaporean Photographer Jeryl Tan Shares His Favorite Singapore Photography Locations And Local Tips

Welcome to Explorest’s very first blog post! It is our pleasure to feature the work of Jeryl Tan, a local Singaporean whose cityscape and architecture photography has received worldwide exposure and praise.